Eligibility Rules and Requirements

Miss Deaf International 2012

To compete in the Miss Deaf International, a contestant may not first win a local pageant. The most important quality is to have the commitment, perseverance, talent, ambition, and determination. To compete, you must meet the following requirements:
•    Deaf & Hard of Hearing
◦    If the contestant is claiming eligibility to compete based upon her status as Deaf or Hard of Hearing, she would need to submit an official audiogram signed by a certified audiologist, showing evidence of bilateral and unaided hearing loss within a year prior to Miss Deaf International competition.
•    Age 18 to 30
◦    In order to be eligible to compete, a contestant must be at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of her first appearance at the Miss Deaf International Competition and be no older than Thirty (30) years old by July 1, 2011. A copy of her birth certificate must be provided to the Miss Deaf International.
•    Single
◦    The contestant must be single, never have been married nor had a marriage annulled, and must have never given birth to a child.
•    Residence
◦    You must be a citizen, a permanent resident of the nationality, or passport.
•    Clean Records
◦    The contestant must never have been convicted of any crimes, other than minor traffic infractions (i.e. no felony and misdemeanor).
•    Health Insurance
◦    The contestant must have active health insurance during the Miss Deaf International retreat and competition week.
•    Autobiography
◦    The contestant will submit a 100 words or less autobiography (Explain about yourself)
•    Forms
◦    The contestant must submit a signature of this form, entry form, birth certificate, an audiogram, a professional photograph, autobiography, and an entry fee ( $50) by the deadline of March 1, 2011. If past deadline, it will be $100.
Additional requirements
•    Every country can send only one participant.
•    The contestant must be available to attend Miss Deaf International in Orlando, FL on July 2011.
◦    All contestants will be provided lodging and meals at the Miss Deaf International Pageant hotel .
◦    The contestant will be responsible for her transportation (air ticket)
◦    If the contestant wants with director or interpreter who knows international sign language, they will be responsible for transportation, hotel, lodging and any other expense.
•    If you are in need of assistance in order to receive a VISA, we will be more than happy to make a request to the Embassy in order to provide you with one. First the contestant must apply for an application.
•    You must have breast size up to 90cm and have a waist up to 70cm and a hip up to 95cm, height be over 170cm (5’7″)
•    Every contestants should bring one full – length evening gown including two pairs of heel shoes and one costume (clothes to represent her country) for the final Miss Deaf International evening.
•    The contestants have to prepare a short performance art for the competition final – free discipline (ballet, karate, poetry, mime, dance, gymnastics, drama, sign-singing, story and others) Maximum time of the performance should be 3 minutes. Also bring her own costume to go with her talent and CD music.
•    The contestant must send one photograph (head shot) and one photograph (full body length in evening dress) The photos must be send in a high quality and professional for the website of MDI!
•    Failure to adhere to any of these rules may automatically disqualify the applicant from competing in the Miss Deaf International Competition.
•    The deadline for your entry form and all other required enclosures on March 1, 2011.
•    Application fee of fifty – ($50.00) dollars, if after March 1- ($100)
•    Pay thru Western Union with the address:
•    Bonita Leek c/o Miss Deaf International, Inc. 
P.O. Box 35944 
Las Vegas, Nevada 89133-5933
•    Please fill out this form. Email your entry form and enclosures to International Coordinator: bonita@missdeafinternational.com


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