¬†Miss & Mister Deaf United States, Inc. is a non-profit organization that pledges to empower, enhance, and support today’s continually growing community of Deaf women. As an organization committed to excellence, we are honored to provide a platform for our contestants, to demonstrate not only their unique talents, intellect, and beauty, but their overall personal and humanitarian goals. The esteemed winner of this competition will be distinguished as an Ambassador of the Deaf community. The role of Miss Deaf International, Inc., requires genuine dedication, as she will not only travel to meet with important leaders, but embody educational, social, and intellectual values of women everywhere. She will undertake this challenging role which is pertinent to a woman of great poise, grace intellect and strength – as is exemplified in the future Miss Deaf International!

As the Ambassador of Miss Deaf International, Inc., the crown holder will be the voice of Deaf women around the world. She will establish the standard for the Deaf women by demonstrating her best ability, with grace and humility, as a role model of exemplary means for our present and future generation. With diplomacy, she will revolutionize the working world as a Deaf career woman, to speak out against stereotypes that no Deaf women should tolerate, as well as to help illustrate the inner beauty of Deaf women. The chosen ambassador will travel around the world, meeting World Leaders, participating in official charities and social events, she will make appearances on television to speak about a variety of topics in order to promote education and awareness of our Deaf rights and also our sign language. Her role will also include encouragement of global renaissance, for an improved and progressive future. The Ambassador of Miss Deaf International, Inc. will provide the capacity for each Deaf young woman of the world to emerge victoriously as their own winner.


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