To whom it may concern,

This will be 3rd ever Miss Deaf International in Ankara, Turkey agreed by Miss Deaf International Board members and Association of Ankara Hearing Disabled President. The president of Ankara Deaf Association, Tolga Aydin have the authorization to seek for sponsorship. We will prepare the best MMDI event in Ankara, Turkey together.
The ideal schedule to host MMDI would be in middle of July 2012 from 16 to 28 conhert with special event with sport activities..

Miss and Mister Deaf International pledges to encourage, enhance and empower young women and men who would be great role model in today’s ever changing, fast moving world. The Miss and Mister Deaf International contestants would be great representatives for aspiring young deaf women and men of the world. They will compete with other contestants from other countries of the world that would otherwise be overlooked and left to fall through the cracks of opportunities without a chance to make a difference in the world. We will have second ever-Deaf International Festival.

This historical event has been and will be witnessed by the world through mainstream media. The dynamics of Miss and Mister Deaf International in Turkey will be evident, as the returns of your donation will be regained. The display of your logo or product will be prominently displayed on the Miss and Mister Deaf International website with linkups as well as the media coverage of the pageantry. Your sponsorship would make it possible for each contestants dream come true and represent their countries with a “can do” approach on life and how to be a productive young lady with empowerment.

The 2010 1st Miss Deaf International Event, 1st ever was taken at Las Vegas, Nevada during the week of July 17 -14, 2010.  It was successful and meaningful.

The 2011 2nd Miss Deaf International Pageant and 1st Deaf International Festival have been take placed during the week of July 14-16, 2011 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, USA. Those Festival and pageant events brought deaf people from the educational, industrial, cultural and professional fields, including students and academia together for an open dialogue on international deaf cultural topics. The 2011 MDI had a full program of conferences, seminars, tutorials, technical papers, plenary sessions, rap sessions, entertainment, an exhibition, and much more.

Miss Deaf International and International Festival were in partnership to make the most historical and exciting event here in Orlando, Florida USA

We would like to see the most historical and exciting event at Ankara, Turkey with exposure of Association of Ankara hearing Disabled.

Thank you for your consideration of sponsoring Miss Deaf International event 2012 in Turkey.

It is somewhat expensive to run the Pageant event; we need sponsorship especially for the hotel, meals, and theater style pageant event.  At the same time, it would be a great exposure to the World. We had 40,000 people viewing online. We strongly believe it would be much more next time.

Detailed information about the pageant and conference can be found at the official conference website,

This conference and pageant affords all attendees an opportunity to exchange ideas, thoughts and invaluable experiences.

Sincerely yours,
Bonita Ann Leek, CEO of Miss Deaf International, Inc.                                                                 Bonita Ann Leek
Rocco Leo Gaglioti, Executive Director/Producer Ph#
John Lino Gaglioti, Co-Executive Director/Producer PH#
Laura Snyder-Gardner, CEO Assistant of Miss Deaf

For sponsoring please contact us at: And for any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Please make a check or cashier’s check payable to: Miss Deaf International, Inc
P.O. Box 35499
Las Vegas, NV 89129


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